Letter: A ray of hope in Leach for Congress

The Daily Times: Opinion, Jean Davidson, Aston

To the Editor:

It is increasingly clear that we are facing a world in chaos with a Congress and president who are unable or unwilling to confront these threats with maturity or discipline.

It’s hard not to despair, but recently, I’ve found a ray of hope: state Sen. Daylin Leach has decided to run for Congress in the 7th Congressional District (most of Delaware County is in the 7th District).

Many of us already know Daylin from his tireless advocacy on behalf of Delaware County in the state Senate; his fearlessness when speaking truth to power when the powerful are out of line (including the President!); his passion for protecting the environment, civil rights, and access to healthcare (including leading the fight for medical marijuana); and the work he does ensuring that all of our kids have a chance to get a great education.

For those of us who know about him, we know we need him more than ever in the U.S. Congress.

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