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Daylin Leach represents Delaware and Montgomery Counties in the Pennsylvania State Senate where he has passed some of the most meaningful bi-partisan legislation in Pennsylvania’s history including medical marijuana and the strongest anti-human trafficking legislation in the country. Daylin has worked hard to build and grow the middle class; is a steadfast supporter of public education, civil and LGBT human rights; and a vigilant protector of the environment.

Daylin is running for the U.S. Congress in Pennsylvania’s 7th congressional district to bring the sort of bold, creative leadership he’s known for in Pennsylvania to Washington. His priorities include Investing in infrastructure to create good jobs, raising the minimum wage, and creating a free college option. He supports enacting Medicare for all that can’t be taken away. Daylin will press for a constitutional amendment to end Citizens United, and he wants to end political gerrymandering and enact a Voter Bill of Rights so every vote is counted.

Growing up in Northeast Philadelphia’s Jewish community, Daylin learned the importance of fighting injustice and discrimination. He also learned to value education and investing in our communities. Daylin was raised by his mother Rhonda, who struggled to care for both her son and her ill mother. Daylin was able to thrive because his community invested in him through good public education, school lunches, and Pell grants that allowed him to attend college. Daylin believes that investing in our communities is the best way to ensure prosperity for all Americans.

A graduate the University of Houston Law Center and Temple University, Daylin is a former small business owner having operated an independent law practice for 14 years. He believes that small businesses are the engine of our economy and are critical to providing good jobs with family supporting wages.

Daylin was elected to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives in 2002 and was subsequently elected to the state Senate in 2008. He is the minority chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee and sits on the Appropriations, Education, Environmental Resources and Energy, Labor and Industry, and State Government Committees. He lives in Wayne, PA with his wife Jennifer Anne Mirak, their two children, Brennan and Justin, as well as two cats, two bunnies, and a whole lot of fish.


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