Political Reform

We have a political and electoral crisis in our country. Our founders constructed an amazing system of government, never seen before in the world. They were pretty smart guys. Although, it would have been nice if they had included a few smart women too. In recent years, however, this system has been abused by the powerful to protect their own interests. 

  • Increasingly aggressive gerrymandering has made most of our elections non-competitive. Worse, it has made it so most incumbent politicians have little political incentive to work across the aisle or accomplish things for the American people. This is why we can no longer work together. This is why Washington DC is no longer in the business of solving problems, and there is no greater example of the evils of gerrymandering in the nation than the 7th district. I will push for a national standard for fair districts to ensure voters can pick their representatives rather than our current system where representatives choose their voters.
  • Our campaign finance laws since Citizens’ United have transformed our elections into commodities to be bought, and the voices of average Americans are increasingly being drowned out in a system that seems unresponsive at best, and rigged at worst. I will support public financing of elections to make sure lawmakers are not beholden to their contributors.
  • The last decade has ushered in an era where ever more aggressive and extreme forms of voter suppression are being passed into law. Voter ID, ending early voting on days Democrats tend to vote more, moving polls to make it harder for poorer people to get there, cutting the number of voting machines in certain areas to create longer lines,  purging the voter rolls. We’ve seen it all. In Washington, I will fight for a Voters Bill of Rights, so that everyone can vote easily and be assured that their vote will count.

I will fight for these reforms because if we continue to allow our democracy to erode for the sake of partisan advantage, we soon won’t have a democracy at all.

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