I support extending Medicare to all Americans so we can drive down the overall cost of our healthcare system and ensure no one has to go broke paying for insurance or care. We cannot allow our healthcare system to continue to be hijacked by corporate interests that exist only to deny coverage to people when they need it most and leave people with a choice between unaffordable insurance or relying on the emergency room for care.

In congress, I will follow five core principles in shaping how we solve the healthcare crisis in America:

  • A Medicare-for-all system is the most efficient way of delivering quality care to every American, which is our right, at the lowest overall cost to the system.
  • Corporate profits, CEO salaries, and insurance advertising budgets should not be allowed to inflate the cost of insurance premiums for middle class Americans.
  • Healthcare providers are best served by a system that pays for everyone so that people who are unable to afford care do not create a burden on hospitals and healthcare professionals.
  • Access to preventative care is essential to driving down the overall costs of healthcare, because when providers are able to intervene early, costs go down and outcomes improve.

I am committed to building a healthcare system that works for all Americans and that protects the right we all share to affordable coverage under a system that work for everyone.

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