We are increasingly becoming a nation separate and divided by economic station. The top 1% of Americans have 40% of our wealth. The bottom four fifths have just 7%. The average CEO used to make 50 times what their average worker made. Now, they make almost 400 times what their average employee makes. A minimum wage worker now lives deep below the poverty line, and has not seen that wage go up in a decade. Hard working people are seeing their jobs lost to outsourcing and innovation, with no realistic options for what to do next.

Average Americans increasingly can’t afford college for their kids and have to work 2 jobs just to get by. The middle class in our area has shrunk from 59% of the adult population in 1970, to just 39% today. The middle class is shrinking in all 50 states as more and more people fall into poverty.

This isn’t just happening. It is the direct result of policy choices that we have made. Every one of this administration’s and the Republican controlled congress’ policies are designed to make these trends even worse. A society where so few flourish while so many struggle is not sustainable for a great nation. Further, it is immoral.

There are a few, relatively simple things we can do to ensure that everyone can live a decent life in America, where not only the job creators, but the actual job doers can get by.

  • I’ve introduced legislation in Harrisburg that would raise the minimum wage to a livable $15 per hour, and once and for all eliminate the obscene tip minimum wage. And I’ll fight for this in Washington.
  • If you have a new child, or a sick relative, you should be able to take some time to take care of your family. We are one of only 3 industrialized countries on the planet that have no mandatory paid family leave. I introduced family leave in Harrisburg, and I’ll fight for that Washington.
  • It is time America joins much of the rest of the world and creates a cost-free college option for kids who want nothing more than to better themselves and serve their country.
  • We can create millions of jobs by finally investing in our infrastructure, building badly needed roads and bridges, public transportation and clean lead-free water pipes.
  • Lets enact trade policies that open markets but don’t lose American jobs to countries that pay their workers slave wages.
  • We must enact single-payer health care that can never be taken away from you and puts patients over profits so no one has to go bankrupt because they get sick.

If we do these things, create good jobs, make those jobs pay, make sure people have health care, that people can educate and care for their children, we will make the lives of all Americans livable.

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