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Education_expo-300x196Daylin believes that our future is only secure when ever American child is given the best opportunity to live our their fullest potential. Yet year-after-year our schools are underfunded, programs are cut, and teachers are not given the resources they need to help students succeed. In the state legislature, Daylin fought proudly along-side Governor Rendell to finally provide adequate funding for all of our schools to have full-day kindergarten, smaller class sizes, appropriate access to tutoring and the technical tools they need to succeed.
As a result of these efforts, Pennsylvania became the number one state in the nation in educational improvement. Specifically, the improvements we saw in both our reading and math test scores were dramatic, and unprecedented.
Despite this success, Governor Corbett has reversed course and embarked on a path seemingly designed to end public education as a cornerstone of our society. Among the policy changes this administration has embraced are:

  • Dramatic cuts to education at all levels, with the cuts structured that they hit the poorest schools the hardest.
  • An expensive, unconstitutional taxpayer-funded voucher program which will drain even more resources from the poorest children in Pennsylvania.
  • Taking charter-school approval authority away from local, elected school boards and and giving it to Harrisburg bureaucrats and well-connected political cronies.
  • Limiting the ability of local school boards to responsibly fund public education.

That’s why Daylin has been the leading voice in the state for public education and for the right of all of our children, regardless of where they were born or what their income status is, to have the best education possible. Daylin’s efforts received national attention and were instrumental in the defeat of some of the more extreme efforts by Governor Corbett to undermine public education.
Photo courtesy of GVFTMA, Lower Merion High School Sustainability Expo.

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