Clean Water Action Endorses Leach – May 14th, 2014
by Vincent J. Smith

The national environmental protection organization Clean Water Action has officially endorsed state Senator Daylin Leach in his bid for Pennsylvania’s 13th Congressional District seat.

“Clean Water Action could not be any prouder to endorse a true champion on the environment,” said Myron Arnowitt, Pennsylvania State Director for Clean Water Action. “Time after time, Senator Leach has been there for us and the people of the Commonwealth when it counted for crucial environmental votes and showing leadership at the State Capitol. If Daylin’s legislative accomplishments and what he fights for in the U.S. Congress are anything like his record in the General Assembly, Pennsylvania will be well served by Leach in the U.S. House of Representatives.”

Clean Water Action noted that Leach’s first legislative proposal as a state Senator was a mandate that allowed Pennsylvania’s General Services to require that a certain percentage of the state’s vehicle fleet be of the hybrid variety. That proposal was later approved and became a state law.

“Daylin is exactly who we need in Congress fighting for us,” said Brooks Mountcastle, Eastern Pennsylvania Director for Clean Water Action. “Our environmental laws are under assault by many in Congress who take their marching orders from Big Oil and Big Coal, which threaten our water, air, and wildlife. Daylin’s voice as a strong advocate for Clean Water is long overdue in Congress.”

Leach has been a staunch advocate of “closing loopholes enjoyed by the natural gas drilling industry, tackling global climate change, and expanding domestic renewable energy production,” Clean Water Action said via press release.

And unlike current Governor Tom Corbett, Clean Water Action believes that Leach will help lead Pennsylvania to a more sustainable future as a U.S. Representative.