David Clark | Daylin Leach for State Senate
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Clean Water Action Endorses Leach

PoliticsPA.com – May 14th, 2014
by Vincent J. Smith

The national environmental protection organization Clean Water Action has officially endorsed state Senator Daylin Leach in his bid for Pennsylvania’s 13th Congressional District seat.

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Advocates Urge Minimum-Wage Increase in Pennsylvania

Daily Times – May 8th, 2014
by John Kopp

Onetha McKnight spends her days working as a wheelchair attendant at Philadelphia International Airport, a job that pays her $5.75 per hour, plus tips.

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Democrat Daylin Leach Says He Has the Best Record on Women’s Rights

MainlineMediaNews.com – May 5th, 2014
by Carl Rotenberg

NORRISTOWN — State Sen. Daylin Leach, D-Dist. 17, 52, has lived in Upper Merion for 16 years, served as a state representative for six years and as a state senator for the past five years.

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Daily Kos endorsement: Let’s send progressive stalwart Daylin Leach to Congress from Pennsylvania

Daily Kos – April 30th, 2014
by Joan McCarter

Daily Kos is proud to announce our primary endorsement of Pennsylvania state Sen. Daylin for Congress in the state’s 13th District. This seat is going to stay safely blue (it was 66-33 Obama in 2012), but this primary gives us the chance to bring one more stalwart progressive to Capitol Hill—a true leader.

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Leach Pushes Corbett on Medical Marijuana

PoliticsPA.com – April 28th, 2014
by Vincent J. Smith

State Senator Daylin Leach, a co-sponsor of S.B. 1182, a bill that would effectively make medical marijuana legal in the state of Pennsylvania, is taking his fight straight to the Governor’s office.

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Philly Lawmakers Take Stand for Animals, Urge Passage of Bills

Philadelphia Inquirer – April 23th, 2014
by Amy Worden

Two Philadelphia area lawmakers took a stand for animals today,offering several new bills and support for others that have stalled in the legislature.

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