ABOUT DAYLIN | Daylin Leach for State Senate
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Daylin with his wife Jennifer and their two children, Brennan and Justin.

Daylin Leach learned to be fearless early in life. He was raised in Northeast Philadelphia by a single mother who, at times, was unable to take care of him and was forced to put him in foster care. During this time, he moved around a lot, attending several different Philadelphia elementary schools across Northeast Philly.
He worked hard and was supported by his community. Because of good schools, great teachers, government grants and mentoring programs, Daylin was able to attend Temple University, then law school. He knows firsthand the vital importance of improving our schools and making a college education affordable for everyone.
Daylin is dedicated to giving every young person the same opportunities he had. That’s why, in 2002, he gave up a promising legal career to run for State Representative. After serving in the House of Representatives for six years, he was elected to the Pennsylvania State Senate in 2008.


Daylin has a proven record for taking on special interests groups with their armies of high powered lobbyists willing to spend millions of dollars in campaign contributions. These fights aren’t easy, but if he doesn’t take them on, no one else will.
In Harrisburg, Daylin stood up to every one of Governor Tom Corbett’s initiatives, from opposing his cuts to education funding and attacks on women’s health to preventing seniors and minorities from voting. Daylin has been the leading voice in opposition to Corbett and his extremist policies.
When he took on the National Rifle Association they gave Daylin their worst grade possible, an “F” rating, because he has led the fight for gun control in Harrisburg. And in Washington, Daylin will fight for common sense gun control measures like background checks, a ban on assault weapons, and limiting gun purchases to one handgun a month.


Daylin will bring the sort of bold, creative leadership he’s known for in Pennsylvania to Washington.
He will get our economy back on track by holding accountable the Wall Street banks who broke the law and illegally took away people’s homes; by raising the minimum wage; and making sure that the wealthiest pay their fair share of taxes.
Daylin will protect and improve Social Security — not by raising the retirement age for workers or cutting their benefits, but by demanding that the richest Americans contribute the same as everyone else. And he will never waiver in his commitment to defend a woman’s right to choose.